Siberian Mathematical Journal

July 11, 2009

Professor D. B. Spalding
CHAM Limited

Dear Professor Spalding,

It is a pleasure for me to have this chance for offering my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the Global Energy Award you received recently.

The happy days of your visit to Novosibirsk are as unforgettable as your unprecedented creative contribution to the translation of the Kutateladze & Leontiev book.

Thank you, my dear Brian Haroldovich, for what you did, what you do, and what you are investing in the future.

Yours sincerely,

S.S. Kutateladze

Spalding at Novosibirsk

Brian Spalding, Semen Kutateladze,
James Hartnett (1924–2005), and
Samson Kutateladze (1914–1986);
Novosibirsk, 1968

Spalding's Reply on June 12, 2009

Dear Semyon Samsonovich,
Thank you very much for your elegantly expressed letter of congratulation.
When I saw your signature, I had a momentary eery thought that your father must have seen the slide (attached) which I showed during my acceptance speech at St Petersburg, speaking of the Russian scientists whom I had been fortunate enough to know; but then I remembered that Samson Semyonovich had named his son Semyon.
I am glad to know that you, who I am sure must be he, are maintaining the family tradition in science. Do you perhaps even have a son called Samson?
With best wishes
Brian Spalding

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