Man’s outlook is a personal phenomenon. Everyone looks at the world by themselves. It is in words that man perceives most of what he encounters.

All greatest languages of the world contain the concepts of triangle, circle, square, plane, mass and weight, Archimedean spiral, molecules and atoms, Kepler’s laws, electron and neutrino, flutter and jet engine, penicillin and viagra, computer and television set, etc. These concepts, stemming from science, become familiar to everybody and so enter into their mentality. The concepts of science are part and parcel of anyone’s personal outlook. These concepts are the same for all independently of race, sex, nationality, citizenship, and confession.

The scientific outlook is of a secular character and open for discussions. It imposes no limitations on the freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of opinion, and freedom of conscience. The scientific outlook does not require to be confessed or observed. It entails no mysticism, nor administration of any ritual, nor service to any cult. Science acknowledges the irrevocable right of everybody to hold and manifest their opinion as well as the right to search, receive, and distribute any information and ideas. At the same time, science safeguards the freedom and independence of man from subjectivism and dogmatism, appealing to facts and logic rather than belief and tradition.

The scientific outlook is freely accessible and provable. Science always enlightens and never proselytes. Resting on the articles of knowledge, science acknowledges that they are limited and incomplete. The scientific outlook is alien to any form of indoctrination, proselytism and absurdity, instillation, pressure, and intimidation. Man chooses scientific opinions with free will and absolute consciousness. Science is a deed of discriminative, free, and intelligent personality.

Science is open to criticism and change, rejects false theories and erroneous conceptions. Science respects the authority of ancient texts as well as centennial tradition, human folly, and human valor. At that, every claim or opinion of science rests on objectivity in order to safeguard man from the threats of subjectivism and collectivism. Objectivity and humanism are the sources of morality of the scientific outlook.

The scientific outlook unites but never separates people. Man seeking and discovering truth is the source and aim of the scientific outlook. Science helps man to overcome the burdens of life, shows the frontiers of human knowledge and abilities, reveals the insurmountable unbeknown, and widens the residence area of the human mind. The scientific outlook liberates man’s genuine abilities, never lowering his dignity and grandeur. The scientific outlook is deeply individual but collects humans, making them into mankind.

Mankind will never abandon the scientific outlook. Nothing can extinguish the light of reason.

S. Kutateladze

August 11, 2007

This is an appendix to
Preprint No. 194. Novosibirsk: Sobolev Institute (2007) of the paper
“Fidelis et Infidelis,” Herald of the Vladikavkaz Scientific Center,
Vol. 9, No. 1, 78–79 (2009).

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