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    -  Data Mining in Finance
Scientific Discovery and
       Computational Cognition

   Presentations and Video
   Ontological Data Mining
    -  Approach
    -  Theory and methods
     - Comparisons with
      other methods

   Computational Cognition
    -  Prediction problem
    -  Mearsurement theory
    -  Probabilistic formal

    -  Induction problem
    -  Natural classification
   Cognitive models
    -  Functional systems

    -  Computer models
    -  Perception
    -  Financial forecasting
    -  Bioinformatics
    -  Medicine
    -  Forensic Accounting
    -  Other
   Lectures and school-book
    -  Evgenii Vityaev
    -  Boris Kovalerchuk


Last updated 07/05/2020

Prediction problem

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